Our investment philosophy

From the more traditional fundamental approach to the newer quantitative/computer models/Artificial Intelligence based algorithms, our dedicated investment team uses both approaches together to generate superior returns with lower volatility and a high Sharpe ratio.

Anaconda harnesses value from the energy market as it moves from the heritage oil and gas industries to the new renewable sector. This dual approach is mirrored in our investment strategy that focusses more on companies in active transition enjoying the growth rate of the renewable spectrum whilst being valued as depressed multiples of the oil and gas markets.

Adding artificial intelligence based quantitative analysis to fundamental research combines the best of both worlds leading to superior returns.

“We do not use one to the exclusion of the other, we use both together to make a more powerful decision and allow us to take bigger positions whilst reducing the volatility and risk of our funds”

For instance, we invest across the whole value chain of each renewable segment, from copper and rare earth miners to electrical cable producers, from solar panels and polysilicon wafers manufacturers to solar farms, from dredging and wind tower foundation companies to wind tower installation vessels and finally offshore wind farms.

We invest heavily in the former oil and gas offshore engineers that now build and service offshore wind farms, carbon capture mechanisms or green hydrogen electrolysers.

Capture the value in the energy market transition



Vulcain Green is a long short certificate investing in the value chain of the green and transitional energy sector. Its gross exposure can be up to 200% but it is generally invested in a 90/150% range, with an average 60% net long exposure. It seeks to pick stocks in transitional metals (copper, silver, gold, uranium, lithium or platinum), offshore wind, solar, cables, utilities, and hydrogen, with a strong focus on oil companies transitioning into the renewable sector. All positions are checked daily with the Lunaris Robo advisor. This provides clear market sentiment on the positions where we aim to be contrarian. Macro overlay is actively used to decide on the gross and net exposures. Decision making however is purely bottom up as far as stock picking is concerned.
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Vulcain Oil and Gas is a long short certificate invested across all sub-segments of the fossil fuel sub-sectors. Each sector, from tankers to exploration, has its own cycle and seasonality. The certificate aims to capture these cycles and uses active macro trading based upon the data available each week. It mainly focusses on oil and oil services companies, with a clear and active diversification strategy into the world of renewables.
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Vulcain Energy Transition Absolute Return is a mix of the green and fossil equity key ideas convictions found by Georges Lambert and Renaud Saleur. It is a long biaised (60%-120%) absolute return AMC denominated in $ using up to 20% leverage.
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Generation Alfa Energy Bond aims to invest into high yield and/or distressed energy bonds seeking a Yield-to-Maturity YTM (in US$) greater than 8%. A careful analysis of the companies, using the same analytics as the Global Oil LS, is used to decide on the bond selection. This represents up to 80% of the AMC, whilst the other 20% is mostly invested into high convexity convertible bonds in the green and renewable sectors.
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Anaconda offers “white label” AMC and managed accounts. Clients can choose their prime brokers and custodians. We also offer risk-free counter party solutions for clients who have a AA counterparty. Depending on the product, we offer daily or weekly liquidity. One Example : VULCAIN HOTTINGER OIL AND MINING : We designed a long only AMC for Hottinger & Cie and their private banking clients. This is an example of a Tailor made solution for a well-known financial institution. It is 50% to 100% net long, no hedges except FX, and 70/30 : oil & gas / mining.
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These products are for qualified or professional/institutional investors only, thereafter referred as THE INVESTORS. Investing in AMC presents a high degree of risk that can lead to substantial loss of capital. This is not a solicitation to invest and is provided for information only. The Investors (per the definition above) who are interested to know more should go to the section “Contact “ and tick the relevant investor category box. Non-qualified investors should disconnect immediately from this Website. Anaconda Invest and/or any of its directors/managers cannot be held responsible under any circumstances of any inappropriate use that can be made from the information provided in this website. Investing in energy is volatile and present an above average risk. The information given on the energy market in this website does not constitute an incitation to invest in energy equities, credit or commodities. Investors doing it will do at their own risk and Anaconda declines any responsibility for any loss that can result from it.
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